Genres: overgeared

Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Harem Sci-fi


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The story is set in a massively popular VRMMORPG called Satisfy. Grid, a newbie player, completes his 3 month long quest and successfully obtains a legendary blacksmith class called [Pagma’s descendant]. This is the start of his journey to becoming the most overgeared user in the game.

Personal Review:

This novel is very similar to the Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, as both MCs are production classes. What sets this novel apart, however, is the character development of the MC. At the start of the novel, the MC is greedy, selfish, and shortsighted; but his personality greatly matures as he meets new friends and undergoes various ordeals throughout his journey in the game. The novel is a decent read and a fun way to kill time, but the story should probably not be overanalyzed as there are numerous plot holes to be found.


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