My Death Flags Show No Sign of Ending

Genres:death flag

Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Romance Tragedy


Personal Rating:


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Hirasawa Kazuki, a university student, suddenly finds himself inexplicably transmigrated into the body of Harold Stokes, the villain of the highly popular RPG 『Brave Hearts』. For him, tons of landmines appearing like death flags are in his surroundings! Can Kazuki evade the mountainous amount of death flags and advance through the survival route!?

Personal Review:

The novel is good blend of misunderstanding, romance, and action. The MC, having played and finished the game, knows that in the original storyline his character would face ruin and eventual death at the hands of the Hero. This is mainly due to the vicious and despicable nature of his family who relish in torture. In order to avoid meeting this bad end, the MC actively makes use of his foreknowledge in order to either mitigate disasters coming his way or outright avoid them. Of course, owing to the unfavorable nature of his family, misunderstandings pop up regarding his character, as no one believes him to be capable of altruism.

And because of a unique feature of his transmigration, the MC retains the original game character’s dialogue and is forever capable of only speaking harsh words towards others. This further deepens the misunderstanding surrounding him — with side characters having an overinflated impression of his character, either believing him to be a misunderstood hero or a terrible villain; never knowing that all his actions are merely a direct result of him trying to avoid death flags.

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