The Tutorial is Too Hard

Genres:The Tutorial is Too Hard

Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Seinen Supernatural


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The novel centers on Lee Ho Jae, a former professional gamer who suddenly receives a strange holographic message asking him if he wishes to join “The Tutorial”. In a fit of drunken stupor, he agrees and decides to pick the Hell difficulty, thus marking the beginning of his sorrows.

Personal review:

The plot is fairly complicated to follow, as the story does not progress linearly, and is instead told through a sporadic mix of future and past events. This opens up an element of suspense and mystery to the story, as the readers are told parts of what happens in the future but are left unaware to the exact causes behind it and have to guess for themselves using the various tidbits that the author drops throughout the story. For me, aside from the mystery, the main highlight of this story is the character progression. The MC starts off as a drunken mess and someone whose life seems empty and meaningless. This changes very rapidly once he gets exposed to the horrors of the tutorial world, and we see him rapidly descend into spiralling madness as he faces the reality of the situation he is in — one in which he could face death at any given time. This cements an obsession inside of him to grow stronger, and ultimately, to be able to escape the tutorial.

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