The Book Eating Magician


Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Supernatural


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The novel follows Theodore Miller, a student in a prestigious magic academy who is on the verge of being expelled. Despite having a great understanding of magic theory, the MC lacks the talent for casting spells, which is the main criteria for deciding whether mages can graduate or not. At the end of his rope, Theodore visits the magic library and happens upon a grimoire that attaches itself to him. This changes his destiny forever and embarks him upon the path of a mage.

Personal Review:

The main selling point of this novel for me is the worldbuilding as well as the mythologies that are present in the story. There is a mix of eastern and western fantasy mixed into the lore which creates an interesting situation where martial arts and magic coexist. The plot also progresses in unexpected directions, which I like. While the plot at the beginning is fairly linear, it begins to diverge and go down interesting paths later on.

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