Reverend Insanity


Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Psychological Mature Tragedy Xianxia


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This is a fantasy story set in a world where mysterious spiritual beings known as Gu exist. Humans that have learned to harness this power are called Gu Masters. The story starts with the MC Fang Yuan, a demonic Gu Master, being chased down by individuals from the righteous sect. With no way out, he is forced to use his mysterious Gu, the Spring Autumn Cicada. He is transported back 500 years into the past during his teenage days.

Personal Review:

Reverend Insanity is very similar to Warlock of the Magus World. In both these novels, the main characters’ ultimate goal is immortality and both MCs are villains who are coldblooded enough to the point where they are willing to sacrifice anyone and everyone in order to achieve their goals. The main highlight of this novel for me is the worldbuilding and lore of the story. The side stories detailing the creation mythos of the novel are quite interesting even by themselves and serve as both an introduction to the various strange Gu that exist in the world, as well as serving as a cautionary tale for storyline characters about the dangers of these Gu. Another thing I like about the novel is the fact that the MC is extremely meticulous and detailed in his planning, but is still capable of adjusting on the fly should any unexpected events pop up.

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