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Humanity has been gradually transported to the Abyss by a bored god to compete against other races and monsters. And in a fantasy world filled with dragons and other strange creatures, it is not surprising that humanity finds itself at an incredible innate disadvatange. At the cusp of total annihilation, the few remaining humans decide to go all in and send one of their own back in time to better prepare for the apocalypse. This is where our MC Hansoo comes in, as he is unanimously voted to be the one sent back.

Personal Review:

The time travel theme is not something new and is rather over used. But this story does do a decent job of using this type of narrative. Even though the MC has travelled back to the past, he does not retain any of his previous skills, only his memories. This ensures that he is not immediately overpowered, and he is forced to use his wits and smarts in order to ensure his survival. There are admittedly a lot of plot holes in the story; however, the main feature of this novel for me is the constant sense of suspense it leaves the reader in. The MC constantly finds himself in situations where he either kills or he will be killed.

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